Creating lasting benefits for Palestinian families in kalandia Refugee Camp and surrounding villages and camps in the central area of West Bank ,by empowering women in the Palestinian community through providing them with increased opportunities for economic , social, cultural and educational participation.

Letter of the President

  • Upon reaching adulthood, Palestinian women face social injustices due to marginalization and restrictions. Bad social habits and traditionswhich are prevalent in Palestinian societies-, parents restrict women from leaving their homes out of “fear for their safety”. This has caused women to lag backwards, become unable to achieve any higher education (which could enable women to withstand hard living circumstances). Ultimately, this makes women exclusively dependent on the income of their husbands or the male head of their families. This fact has denied women the basic qualities which could have enabled them to achieve a descent and independent income.Magnis viverra lacinia
  • Preface

    Palestinians were not prepared for the year 1948. In only few weeks, entire historic towns and villages were annihilated. Hundreds of thousands left their homes at gunpoint. The villages and towns of Jerusalem were not spared the horrors of Nakba where Zionist gangs have committed the most horrendous war crimes. One such crime was the massacre of eight innocent civilians at the Lifta coffee house followed by the Deir Yassin village massacre..

    the first cooperative in
    the west bank

  •  Palestinian women living in refugee camps and remote villages are part of a society that encourages early marriage, increasing the span of the period during which women may give birth in life (Keeping in mind that most villagers and refugee camps residents reject the idea of birth-control). Such unnatural conditions which were imposed on Palestinian women resulted in having her illiterate and potentially limited. On the one hand, this has caused an increase in the numbers of Palestinian children per family with access to a limited income which caused women to sink in extreme poverty. On the other hand, women’s lack of knowledge in civil rights and the lack of understanding of democratic practices in their families and the society has hindered their potential, secluded them inside their families and prevented them from participating in the social and political lives.

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